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Info about Trigvi

Trigvi was created in response to the inefficiencies its founders experienced in the forestry sector when searching for contract work. Currently, contracts are found through personal connections, social media posts, and traditional job boards. This patchwork prevents contractors from finding the best opportunities in the province. And, it prevents general contractors from finding the best companies for their projects.

To address this problem, Trigvi has created an online tendering platform that allows general contractors to submit requests for bids. Now, contractors and sub-contractors may review and bid on jobs throughout the province in one online platform. To further increase business to business efficiency, we have created standard form contracts that help each party better understand their role in a project.

Trigvi also provides independent contractors with relevant resources, such as:

  • bonding and insurance companies, 
  • education, training, and certification providers, 
  • equipment repair and rental companies, and
  • physical and mental health resources

Of course, Trigvi also provides traditional job board services for forestry companies looking for employees, as opposed to independent contractors. And, finally we recognize that the industry remains a close-knit community. As such, we have provided a forum where users can discuss forestry news, business trends, and opportunities.

Trigvi.com - We Put People To Work.

BC’s newest job board for forestry workers and independent contractors.